Highlander Season 23 Premiership Qualifiers & Season Info Finalization!

Date January 18, 2021

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The Highlander Season 23 Premiership Qualifiers are hereby announced. Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! , Hungary inVisionItaly I CAME, I SORE, I CONKERED and Russia kiti s bakenbardami will keep their Premiership spot based on their performance in the last season. Based on the applications we received, we have four remaining teams who will be fighting it out for the remaining two spots.

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Season 37: Award Polls!

Date January 15, 2021

Starting of the new year we have one last thing to do to close out Season 37. Congratulations to European Ascent for clinching the title in an exciting game against UnitedKingdom SVIFT. Below you can cast your vote for the Season 37 Award Polls!

The polls will be open until Friday 22th of January 20:00 CEST

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Announcing Highlander Season 23 and Preseason Cup!

Date January 7, 2021

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Announcing Highlander Season 23 and Preseason Cup!

All the information regarding the coming Season can either be found in this newspost, or will be released shortly!

The tier systems that we use will be fully dependent on the final signup numbers.

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Data Recreation Phase One!

Date December 26, 2020

Hello everybody,

We’re quite excited to show you the progress of the data recreation. Welcome to the finalization of phase one out of two! phase one included gathering up all recorded pages within archiving websites such as and parsing these pages back into actual results on the site. This has granted us the return of 1800 matches! While this dataset is obviously still missing a lot of data this will allow for further completion later on. Next to the regeneration of the matches we also remade all competitions and teams.

Phase Two

The main thing missing from this dataset is which players played in what match. We’re looking into a system that would allow users to complete or correct the data set through The development of this has started but will take quite a while to make so please be patient with us. If you already want to prepare for this phase then looking up the pages of your previous officials and save them for once phase two is completed.

We will have a full newspost dedicated to this system once its been completed.
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Provisional Schedule Begin 2021

Date December 21, 2020


This is a provisional schedule therefore dates are subject to change.

This is the schedule for the next 4 months of ETF2L seasonal competitions.
The schedule will likely look as follows:

Highlander Season 23

Signups: 4th January – 20th January
Main Season: 24th January – 26th February
Playoffs: 28th February – 14th March

6v6 Season 38

Signups: 21st February – 12th March
Main Season: 14th March – 2nd May
Playoffs: 16th May – 4th June

Our current idea for the 6v6 Nations Cup #8 is to have it after Season 38. This due to season 37 being quite experimental with plugins and us wanting some time to reflect on these plugins first. The highlander nations cup that would normally be happening in 2021 is currently also still being kept in mind but no concrete plans about it have been made yet. Details about these events will be published once we’re closer to them and have a better timeline for the later parts of 2021.

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